For the moments spent with your friends, or for having a rest, or using public transports, or waiting at authorities, when you do not want to be disturbed with sung text, or with monotonous rhythms, we offer the CD with soundtracks from the films of Pavel Hrubeš, a well-known compositor of music for television competitions - “Tutovka” (A safe bet), “Hry bez hranic” (Games with no frontier), “Videostop” - series - “Proto pozor, proto bacha” (That’s why keep attention), “Potomci slavných” (Well-known people’s offspring), “Z rodu Přemyslovců” (From The Family Of The Premyslides) – fairy tales “Tři dary lásky” (Three gifts of love), “Král který rád hrál” (The King who liked playing) – films- “Waterloo po česku” (Waterloo ala Czech), “Tuláci” (Tramps) – theme tunes - (Figure Skating World Championship in 1994, “Objektiv” (Objective), “Studio Rosa” (Studio Dew), “Pomozte dětem-kuře” (Help the children - chicken), “Golf” – and as well many songs, for example “Stále zasněná” (Still moony)-P.Roth, “Neznámý nápadník” (Unknown swain) – M.Linková, “Nezlob se že zpívám country” (Do not be angry that I am singing country)-V.Tučný, “Nesmělý přítel” (Shy friend) - Karamel, “Zelená řeka” (Green river) – Drobek a Klondajk, “Kdo má rád” (Who loves) - N.Urbánková, etc. His soundtracks encompass melodies appearing in many TV programmes, film magazines and on promotional and training cassettes.

Based on the TV viewers and audience’s requirements to be provided with those recordings, several CDs were compiled, with separated themes according to music character and its use (History, Nature, Meditation, Science, Sport, Hip Hop, Rest). That’s why the audience may have CDs full of nice, quiet music, which may be dynamic simple, but also complicated, sometimes working with one tool, another time using the sound of a large orchestra or rock guitars. The author’s experience manifests purity and brilliance of recordings with interesting sound, being experienced not only in making film and soundtrack music, but first of all, having performed as a concert player in different bands

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CD PH-137

Animals 1


CD PH-140

Fine Touch

CD PH-141

World In Motion 2

CD PH-132

Nowhere Land

CD PH-135

Everyday Thanks

CD PH-129

Green Days

CD PH-118


CD PH-119


CD PH-125

Mercy Sun


CD PH-101


CD PH-102

Krimi 2


CD PH-103


CD PH-104

Minimal 2

CD PH-105

Ethnic 2

CD PH-106


CD PH-071


and Headlines

CD PH-074


CD PH-076



CD PH-077

Cheerful Time

CD PH-080


and Technology


LUXFERA: People need music to calm their minds, relax and concentrate. CD LUXFERA compositions should aim on that calming music, using knowledge from the author’s original professional activities, having worked as a musical pedagogue and therapist. Nevertheless, this was not the only reason to make that album. Recording the music depended on the lack of long musical areas, expressing, human hunger for knowledge, research activities and self-realisation. Simply said, the album is full of classical music, but rich with inward energy.


Track length: 72.05 minutes            14 tracks                   10,- €

The most interesting compositions: Sen, Dalekohled.                SAMPLE

PLANET HIP HOP: Infinitely pulsing rhythm; dreaming of long nights and even longer mornings; the element of lively clubs and discos, but as well murmur of removed surfs, promising refreshingly salted touches. In fact, the album PLANET HIP HOP is an ocean of freedom, the world of youth, peace of mind and calmness.


Track length: 73.04 minutes             17 tracks                  10,- €


The most interesting compositions: Aqua Phonic, Venusian           SAMPLE


PERLA V EBENU: Tournament clamour has finished; the winner has long been known and extolled; wan gentry has been sitting at richly set tables; garrison and servants in cellars; everybody is listening to a ceremonial song ‘Long live the King, our young King’. The Pear In Ebony soundtrack encompasses compositions with historical themes, comprising different dances, stylisation and musical areas, used in the series “Z rodu Přemyslovců” (From The Family Of The Premyslides), “Z rodu Jagelonců” (From The Family Of The Jagellos), “Z rodu Lucemburků” (From The Family Of The Luxemburgs); and as attendant music at the whole-nation exposition Mister Theodorikus at the Prague Castle. The compositions stand for lightness. However, they do not miss theatricality and sometimes also grandiosity. First of all, it concerns stylised moods without historical description. The album does not encompass difficult music. There are melodic variations on medieval themes, not surpassing the limit of song creation.


Track length: 72.25 minutes             28 tracks                  10,- €

The most interesting compositions: Cantabile, Grotta, Lípa         SAMPLE

IMPRESSIONS: Natural motives, showing the Czech land’s beauty; onomatopoeia of wooden glades, redolent meadows, endless plains and the sky-towering stately peaks; Nevertheless, also with fear from devastation and human efforts to protects the fortune of the own land; these are characteristics for the content of the IMPRESSIONS album, next of Pavel Hrubeš, multiinstrumentalist’s soundtracks. The compositions were recorded for the needs of films about the Nature, the cycle of programmes “Nedej se” (Do Not Give Up) and they are part of the Video-Atlas Of Protected And Endangered Animals.


Track length: 72.56                          19 tracks                  10,- €

The most interesting compositions: Boreč, Víra, Tempera           SAMPLE

AND SO ON! It is becoming light. There are the first voices resounded from calm woods; in few moments, a solo song is finding echo even with all birds in the environs. The most beautiful morning wake-up concert is starting. It is possible to characterise the first tones from the album AND SO ON, composed of the mixture of a weekday’s optimistic moods, alternated with rhythmic compositions of pop & rock character. There are no dramatic areas, or aggressive and scared pulses, we meet every day because of civilisation excess. Predominantly, it is going about creating good life sensations.


Track length: 73.15 minutes             16 tracks                  10,- €

The most interesting compositions: Open, Omega 1, Dialog        SAMPLE


For soundtrack different programmes, artistic document, instructional films or advertisement spots, Pavel Hrubeš Studio offers soundtracks from the musical library, recorded on CDs according to topic (History, Science, Sport, Nature, Humour, Common use, Drama, Intermissions, Publishing Spots)


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